Parent/ Student Athlete Instructions

***Please see the nurse to schedule a physical!!



Below you will find all the necessary paper work for the West Mifflin Area High School and Middle School athletics.  This paper work can be turned in to the high school or middle school nurse, the athletic office, or the athletic trainers.  This paper work must be turned in before participation in athletics.  Thank you for your time and understanding.  If you have any questions, feel free to email them to   Here’s to a healthy season!

West Mifflin Area School District Sports Medicine Team

Athletic Physicals
Athletic physicals are REQUIRED for all student-athletes who participate in sports.  The athletic physical examination (Section 6) must be dated after May 31st for the next athletic calendar year, this is a requirement of the PIAA.
The following are the only acceptable health care professional for the physical examination (Section 6):
  • MD
  • DO
  • PAC
  • CRNP
  • SNP

Click HERE to access the Physical Forms.

The physical papers can be found in the link below!

Medical Releases for Routine Medical Visits or for Illnesses
Any time a student-athlete sees a licensed medical professional during the athletic season, please secure a written release for the sport they are participating in.  This includes ANY type of physician office visit, Med Express, or ER-type visits.  Licensed medical professionals include:
Medical Doctor (MD, DO) or any specialist with the credentials MD or DO (i.e. Dermatologist)
Dentist (DMD) or any specialist with the credentials MD or DMD (i.e. Orthodontist)
Podiatrist (DPM)
Health care professionals that cannot return a student-athlete from injury, include but are not limited to:
Physical Therapists
Massage Therapists
Sports Performance Specialist, etc.

***Releases should have the student-athletes name, date of visit, return to sports without restrictions, and 

health care providers signature.


Re-Certification Process for Subsequent Sport(s) Participation

The PIAA requires any student-athlete who wants to participate in a subsequent sport(s) season complete Section 7.  If there are any “yes” answers to the listed questions the PIAA requires those student-athletes to have Section 8 completed by a licensed health care professional, MD or DO only.  If an injury or illness occurs during the sports season, Section 8 can be completed at the time of the appointment (up to 6 weeks before the subsequent sports season begins).  Please see the Licensed Athletic Trainer(s) if an injury or illness occurs during the sports season.