Eligibility & Criteria


Nominations will be accepted and considered for any

athlete, team, coach, or contributor who through his/her

commitment, sacrifice, and dedication to the West Mifflin

High School athletic program has brought pride and

distinction to our school and community.

Eligibility for nomination would include those who have

attended West Mifflin and have been out of school for a

minimum of 10 years.

The nominee should have lived a life that has been of

benefit to society and have demonstrated strong moral

character, love of fellow man/women, and dedicated to

the common good.


WMAHOF will evaluate nominees according to national,

state, WPIAL, or conference recognition during their

high school career.

WMAHOF will evaluate the following:

1) Nominee’s degree of recognition as a West Mifflin

athlete, coach, administrator or active supporter with

alumni and the general public

2) The significance or stature of the nominee’s

accomplishments as a West Mifflin athlete as

determined by statistical records or the number and

stature of awards received

3) Distinctive or unique accomplishments which

attracted public attention or acclaim to the nominee or

West Mifflin High School